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Battle for Wesnoth - Freeware Game

Battle for Wesnoth

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Battle for Wesnoth is an amazing RPG which remind me very much of some of the early versions of Heroes of Might and Magic.

Its a beautiful story where an evil queen tries to conquer the entire world after killing her husband and any relatives that might take the throne from her except for her daughter and son.

Thankfully a wizard saves you from her before she can kill you and you are the rightful owner of the throne. You go on a huge quest looking for a scepter that would make people believe in you are restore your throne and in your adventure you fight thousands of evil creatures and meet new people who become your friends and allies.

The games is a turn based so you position your army, think it through and act which i really like because i can take all the time i need to think about what i should do and i can always save or just leave the game open and check my website :)

Graphics are not super cool but they look great and the effects are also very cool, the game was started by few people and now there is a whole list of people who have contributed in making it more and more amazing.

There is also a multiplayer option which i didn't have time to try because i was too busy going through the single player mode which is awesome and very addicting. As far as i know you play online for free and you just connect to the creators server and you are in.

I got pretty far in the game even though its very very hard and you really have to do some reading on what each character does and how they perform best, its all about knowing your units and your terrain.

Game available for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and more...

Download HERE

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Review by Charl

Ppl like you get all the barnis. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

Review by Malena

yeah you were right from the beginning that's the only way you can get atnhying on facebook is to purchase it with your actual money which i think is really stupid because if you do buy things on facebook what's the point its just an online game when you could really go and spend your money on something else.

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