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Golden Axe (1990) - Abandonware Game

Golden Axe - Downloadable abandonware game.

Genre: Arcade/Action
Developer: SEGA
Year: 1990
Version: unknown

Golden Axe - Screen Shot

The old arcade game as we all remember it playing in the old arcade games with the 4 buttons and the joystick :D

The game is pretty old but its still alot of fun to play, since its old and not supported its now abandonware or public domain and you can download and play it for free on you PC.

For those that are not familiar with the games its an old school hack and slash side scroller games where you have to kill the evil.

Graphics are not the best but they are pretty good and its really worth a shot just to remember the good old times.

Download Here

*I scanned the file for viruses but just to be sure please scan it yourself.

Golden Axe - Screen Shot 2

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Comments for Golden Axe (1990) - Abandonware Game
Review by zouzou


Review by Fritz Moen

cant be used under 64bit vista or win 7 ... sad ...

Review by tope

i like it

Review by Zahid

One of the best from the 80s era..A true classic

Review by Admin

Its a DOS game, you have to run it with something like DosBox or other software that can emulate DOS.

Review by charbel

i like golden axe arcade 1990

Review by Ronalee

Ah, i see. Well that's not too trciky at all!"

Review by faheem

i like game

Review by rahman

good games

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