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New Website Improvements and Updates

For the last week i have been working on the website and mainly i focused on improving the appearance and also making the website load faster.

As you can see the menus on the left and right side of the website are now round, the games on the front page have a nice round background and the thumbnails of the games are round and look glossy.

I also did some changes on the search and the category pages so they look better and are easier to read. Its not complete by all means but it will be as i am working on it.

Two days ago i was just browsing the website and looking for any theme bugs when i got bored and realized that it would be awesome if i put a button to a pop-up with music player in it. Since my favorite radio is online i decided to just make it available through my website so more people can enjoy it. You will find it on the top right side of the website.

I also tested the website for compatibility with all kinds of browsers and it doesn't look so good on old browsers but you can still use the website as you do now. At the bottom of the website i also placed a firefox button to help spread the word about firefox and get more people to try and love this browser and its only natural that my website is optimized for mozilla firefox and if you have any problems then just switch to the best browser, firefox :D

If anyone finds any major bugs or other errors please email me at:


Thank You

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Review by Charla

Good to see a tlnaet at work. I can’t match that.

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