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Sword Of The New World

Sword Of The New World

One of the very popular RPG game with a twist.

This game competes with some of the other popular RPG games like Rappelz, Chaos Online and Rohan but as soon as you get into the world of SOTNW you will know that this is not just another RPG game.

The first thing that you will notice is that you have quarters where you keep your characters and you can have a lot more then in any other game, (36 if i am not mistaken) as soon as you create a character you will notice that something is wrong and everyone else have 3 characters and this is because you can control 3 characters at one time which means you can have a healer, fighter and a wizard in one team which gives you the advantage of not having to look for a party or a friend to start the game with and experience the amazing dungeons.

After you create your first team you can start right away and believe me when i say that leveling is pretty easy and you can do it while you sleep, yes you have the option of putting your team on auto pilot so that they can fight everything that comes close to them and level on their own which pretty much gets rid of the boring part.

As you advance through the levels you will see that your team will gain new skills and you can go to town, sell all the materials you have collected in your journeys and make some money (Vis) to buy new stance books to get new skills and advance your characters even further.

I would recommend you do the quests at the beginning and get some polishes which you can trade with an NPC for ancestral gear that your characters can wear and that gear will pretty much be everything you need, as you go through the leveling you will just have to get gear for your corresponding level up to level 100 when you can upgrade your character to Veteran (with cash shop item) and keep advancing to Expert.

The game is mainly supported by its Cash Shop where you can buy all kinds of item from clothes for your characters to potions and scrolls to trade your characters.

One of the most amazing features is that you can actually sell your characters to other players with a mercenary contract (cash shop item) and make millions of vis.

Review to be continued...

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Review by Luella

HHIS I should have touhhgt of that!

Review by Rosenilda

Great article. If there's anymroe links I can skim over about this, (or any other related writeups), you'll have to point me that way! I may check back to thiswebpage in a few days to see what else you've got on here.

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