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Hello GamesOrbiter Fans,

Recently I started playing some RIFT which is a not so new MMORPG but it recently became free to play F2P like so many other games, as always they have added a cash shop but it looks like you can get pretty far even without buying anything, at high level you will still need to buy items but for the most part the game is fun and you can buy many premium items with platinum and gold which drop from monsters.

The game is interesting and there is always something to do, there is always a Rift opening in the game and all players rush to close it, there are a few dungeons which are fun and where most blue items drop, traveling sucks at low level but at high you can get a 160% speed increase mount with platinum and ride around like crazy, I have spend so far around $10-$15 to buy a mount for 2 characters before realizing you can buy them with gold but there is many cool enhancements to get from the cash shop. I also joined a guild with one of my characters and it looks like there is quite a few nice guilds that give you some perks just for joining.

I would give the game 4 out of 5 and recommend trying it for yourself.


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