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Dungeons and Dragons - Neverwinter

Hello everyone, recently I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons - Neverwinter by Perfect World. I must say that it is an awesome game and has big potential but like all free to play games its full of paid content and after playing for a few days I was able to get to level 27 with my rogue and unless you are ready to spend some money you need to prepare for a long and boring journey as you walk around from quest to quest, the mounts are not free even though there is a "time based" mounts that you can buy and use for a short time, this is no where perfect and a mount is about $15. You only get 2 character slots unless you are willing to put some more cash and also the regular pets you get in the game can only go to level 15, after that you need around $15-$30 for a pet from the cash shop, it seems that the entire game is pretty much a cash shop once you hit higher level and reminds me of Runes Of Magic and their cash shop game, I am sure later on it will get worse and if you want to be successful in the game you will need to spend more money on enchantments for your armor and what not, I would say that its worth a try but I will most likely not play it for long due to the constant need to purchase items in the game.

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