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Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends PC Game Review

Rise of Legends Strategy PC Games Review

  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • Big Huge Games
  • Real-Time Strategy
  • Release: May 9, 2006
  • ESRB: Teen

Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends is one of the most attractive strategy games i have played for a very long time. The story which goes through the single player campaigns is pretty good and exciting but after you see the massive metal units you can construct and make huge armies you will be blown away by how fun and enjoyable this game is.

Other gaming sites game the game a score of 7.6/10 but i think the game deserves a 9/10 score. The title of the game really leads you to believe its a ancient strategy type of game but its actually very technology advanced futuristic strategy game where you can build huge armies, giant metal spiders and so much more.

As you advance through the campaign you will unlock different races which have their own advantages and weaknesses, the campaigns are not very hard at the beginning but as you advance it gets a lot harder and you will have to do some planning in order to be successful.

The game also has some amazing hero elements, you can pick heroes to help you through your campaigns and each of them have their own abilities, they can be upgraded and you can also use the same upgrade points to either upgrade your hero skills or get better units in the beginning of each campaign. I like to mix them and get from both but that's just me.

Graphics are very attractive and even though my PC is little bit slow i was still able to enjoy great graphics with no lag and enjoy the game to the max 8/10.

Sound is also very good and each character and unit has its own voice even though some effect sounds are missing 7/10.

Overall the game is very attractive and it would definitely addict you and keep you entertained through the campaigns because with each completed missing or region you get something new being a new hero to torment your opponents or a new unit to a new race you can explore.

Final Score: 8.5/10.

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i like video games and i hate school

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Review by Ritesh Shinde

Play Rise of the Nation Game

Review by Nano

I like playing computer games

Review by mani

its very good game

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i luv that game

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swietna gra :P kocham te gre

Review by deep

i like it very much for its graphics

Review by Johnd909

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