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Why i decided to start a flash games website ?

Hello everyone, i decided to write an article and tell everyone why i decided to start a gaming website and what inspired me.

I have always been geeky, always likes computers, internet and games so one day i decided that i would start a small website where people can play flash games and have fun.

It was about 3-4 years ago when i started my first gaming website which was a sub-domain on a free hosting and was called gamesorbit, as the website got bigger and i was reading more and more about search engine optimization and website optimization i realized there is no point of having a website if it does not have a real domain and after alot of thoughts and a few days of searching for an available domain i decided to name my website gamesorbiter and get a .com domain.

It was not long before i had my website ready to release to the public and everything was working so i released it and to tell you the truth in the first few months i didnt get any visitors at all and that was really not helping me but after a few months i started getting visitors, and the site was going pretty good. Since i released the website i have changed one arcade script because i decided that its better and easier to work with and after i changed scripts the website has been growing and growing but since i cant compare with the giants like miniclip and freeflashgames i have never been able to make more then $60 for those 3 years so i am not really into this for the money i am into this for the fun games and i also learn something new every day.

As i make changes to the website i have learned a good amount of php, html and css. Even before i started my flash games website i had a few small websites and i knew html and css but php was totally weird to me. Since then i have written a few scripts on my own, i have made tons of changes to my website, improved it alot and also started writing articles like this one.

I still have not made $100 to get a check from google but i dont really care, i like my website just the way it is, i will keep learning, improving the website and add new games to it and i hope maybe one day my website would be recognized as a big website and the website will get the amount of visitors it deserves.

I hope you enjoy the article and you can always post a comment if you have any questions or need help starting your own website.

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Review by Blue

Review by Krasi

@Arzoo I am not sure we are talking about the same subject, I will be happy to assist you with the htaccess file but will need more information regarding what you are trying to do.

Review by Arzoo

HiThis is a great explanation but doesn't relaly give enough information. What happens for instance if there is no .htaccess file? What do I name it? Where in the site structure should I put it? Should it be in my hosting account or does it need to be at the DNS? Thanks

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