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Ultima Online - Mondains Legacy

Ultima Online - MMORPG Game Review

Ultima Online is one of the oldest MMORPG games ever made and its still one of the most popular games even though its pretty old and now where is a new release with better graphics and gameplay i still consider the old 2D to be the best and still play it on a free server.

Even though Ultima Online is not free there is free servers where you can play it and believe me when i tell you that those free servers make the game even more fun then the official server.

The free servers use a software called RunUO to run the game servers and that software is actually open-source and there is a huge community that supports it and releases free scripts which can be added to the server and perform different functions in the game. That gives the free servers enormous advantage and every server is usually unique in its own way and its like going to a completely different game when you switch servers. Most servers would even have custom made patches that would patch the game temporary and let you enjoy things that are usually not in the game by default. Such patches would include custom classes, monsters, spells, furniture, items, weapons, clothes, pets and anything you can imagine.

Ultima Online is also one of the first and most successful games to have housing system inside the world. What i mean by housing system is that you can actually build you own house, design it, decorate it and store items in it. Its like a real house with boxes on the ground that you can move, decorations you can place and adjust just the way you want them and so much more.

One of the most interesting things and i guess one of the things that make this game so addicting is that the world can be made so unique that when you fight a monster and find a weapon in its corpse you can not the same exact weapon anywhere. What i am trying to say is that every weapon is generated on the run and has its unique bonuses which makes hunting for monsters all that much more fun. All monster types have their own AI (Artificial Intelligence) and would not just attack you but also use their special attacks to teleport you closer, poison you, or even teleport away from you when they are low on HP and that makes the game so unpredictable.

Gameplay is very simple, you do pretty much everything with your mouse except chat and you can also setup macro's to help you do tasks that would require you to repeat the same action over and over. Most free servers have global, guild and private chat system that you can use to chat with your friends and have fun.

Are you interested already ?

Lets take a look at the screen shots and place to download the game.

Download Client

Screen Shots:


If you decide to play i would recommend you give this server a try(this is the server i play on):

Have Fun

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Comments for Ultima Online - Mondains Legacy
Review by Cathleen

Wow! Great thkining! JK

Review by Jalene

I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after rednaig this.

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