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Legend Of The Green Dragon - Game Review

Legend Of The Green Dragon - MMORPG

Legend of the Green Dragon is an amazing browser-based game which began as a text only game and as the years go by it was rewritten into PHP and released as an open-source game.

Its one of the first browser-based MMORPG games and its still one of the best and most popular with hundreds of servers to play.

Most browser-based game get boring after playing them for a month or two but this game is just so addicting that every time you play it something unexpected happens and it gets you more and more interested in the game. Since the game is open-source there is an official website which provides tons of modules you can install to the game and make your server more fun for everyone. From things that happen in the forest to special events, random events, quests, puzzles and so much more.

The game is still text based but there is also pictures, special things happening our of nowhere, custom events and so many more things that have changed that i cant list all of them. I think its a game everyone should try and i think most people would enjoy this kind of game and have fun with it.

I have installed the game on this server and its not available for everyone to try and enjoy for free. All you need is a character and some free time.

After i installed the game it wasn't much fun so i had to dig around and found a great source for modules and since them i have downloaded and installed over 100 different modules to the game so it would be different then all the other servers and fun for everyone.

You can start your adventure here:

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Comments for Legend Of The Green Dragon - Game Review
Review by Krasi

Very cool game :) i used to play it.

Review by aido999

i think this is awesome

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